I had doubts about the correct size of my grip. After we discussed with mr. Petros we decided that it had to be reduced in size so that it fits better in my palm. With an unprecedented stringing quality and his advise in choosing the correct tension, the outcome was a perfect ball feedback during impact while at the same time power kept at optimal level. My service also improved drastically after the grip customization and the racket wasn’t tiring my muscles any more. From now I will never let anyone else “put his hands on my racket” so that I will always get the most delight out of my game. I thank him very much and totally recommend him. (translation: respecting the original)


Renos Chamilothoris
Πτυχιούχος των ΤΕΦΑΑ

After 2 unsuccessful and costly racket purchases, that proved not to fit my game style, I found out about Petros Biris and Mantis. In the beginning I was hesitant, but after I spoke with Petros I had answers to all my questions and step by step we found the Mantis frame that works best for me (Mantis 265). His stringing is “out of this world”, a sweet feel that is hard to believe, every stroke felt fantastic, the racket become a continuity of my hand. But it wasn’t just that. Petros follows my progress by adjusting the racket to my game development. Customization is what makes the difference, as the racket truly becomes a very personal thing. (translation: respecting the original)

Elena Kontopidi
Club player, Naxos island

Following Petros Biris’ recommendation I switched my racket from Prince to Mantis and I’m glad that I did it.  I’ve just played twice and I can tell and feel the difference.  Petros undertook the racket stringing.  The overall service met my expectations in addition to time-response and the cost.

Sissi Kourelou
Club player, Athens

Continuing my career as a humble player in a sport that I recently fall in love with, I switched from MANTIS 285 to MANTIS 295. What I want to say about the work of Mr. Biris is that his advice and attention in order to set up my racket, were beyond my expectations and well beyond the limits of “just being” professional. I highly recommend his service !!!! Thanx Petros!

Konstantinos Bogas
Club player, Athens

No matter what I say to describe what this man does with the rackets, it still would be not enough… Great job! He gave life to all my “dead” rackets. Show full confidence and let your racket in his hands. You won’t regret it…  (translation: respecting the original)

Νikolaos Αlexandrinos
Club player, Crete island

From our very first telephone conversation, Mr. Biris heard our concerns about the racket of our child, giving great attention to details. We immediately realized his excellent knowledge and expertise in the field. Our kid was thrilled by the new feel of the grip and the difference in both control and power was noticeable from the very first strokes. It wasn’t just the stringing, but the fact that he still advises us and gives us guidelines transforming the racket to an extension of our kid’s hand and helping him to further develop as a player!  (translation: respecting the original)

Sofia Kalogeraki
Parent of junior player, Athens

Every single detail was taken care of in either stringing or customization service.I was able to produce better shots and the feeling of the racket was unreal.Highly recommended service!

Efstathios Tsiranidis
College player

I got my racket strung by mr.Biris…!!!I could not even imagine such a big difference!!!Better feelling more power and excelent control!!!Thank you mr.Biris!!!You are the best!!!!!

Vana Kontopidi
Club player, Naxos island

I just got my racket being strung by mr. Biris; I would never expect such a big difference in feel and in power. The service all in all, was excellent and highly professional and this within a reasonable cost. (translation: respecting the original)

Nikolas Koutsogiannis
Club player, Αθήνα

Petros Biris is what we call “Professional”! Stringing the racket to be a part of your body and mind! What you only have to do is to describe him the way you like to play and trust his experience for the excellent result! Thank you Petros, I really appreciate!

Dimosthenis Kerasovitis
Club player, Lefkada