Ulnar-sided wrist pain is a common complaint of tennis players. The delicate tendons crossing your wrist cannot accept big loads. Elite players and lower level players often complaint for pain that can lead to wrist injuries. We have the remedies to cure your problem before it is too late!

What we need from you:

1) Follow the instructions on our Custom Gripping service to send us the measurements
2) Let us know whether you use an extreme grip
3) Tell us what racquet you use
4) Evaluate the stringing quality if necessary


What is the most important factor related to wrist injuries?

Bad technique and extreme grips place additional stress to the wrist area. Weak wrist are also prone to injuries.

Is my racquet guilty for my wrist pain?

Your technique is related to your racquet and vice versa. There are factors on a racquet that can either create wrist pain or sharpen the existing injuries.

What can I do when I experience wrist pain?

Contact us immediately as prolonged inflammation occurring on the delicate tendons of the wrist area can lead to serious wrist problems.

3d rendered illustration - painful arm
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