There is nothing worse than playing tennis with a sore elbow. Let us help you in preventing or even suppressing this unpleasant situation. We face your problem as a pro racquet technician with an in depth knowledge in tennis biomechanics!

What we need from you:

1) Send us a 1 min short video of you playing FH, BH and Service
2) We analyze your technique based on the footage
3) Follow the instructions on our Custom Gripping service to send us the measurements
4) Discuss with you on how we best cure your problem


What is the difference between tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow?

Both are form of elbow tendinitis. Tennis elbow is caused by damage to tendons on the outside of the elbow, while golfer’s elbow is caused by damage on the inside.

What caused the inflammation?

It may have one or more causes. Bad technique, stiff racquet and strings, inappropriate racquet and grip, lower quality stringing, prolonged repetition of certain movements are all known suspects.

What is the first thing to do when your elbow starts hurting?

The first step is to immediately pause any action that hurts. Rest is of outmost importance. A specialized doctor’s advice is recommended.

How important is the racquet and the quality of the stringing?

If your racquet is stiff, too light or too heavy or poorly strung you have a lot more chances to end up with a sore elbow. Harsh feel, trampoline effect or wobbling during impact are all signs that something goes wrong. If your experience any of the above please contact us.

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