String breakage near the frame means that something goes wrong. Our stringing service will cure this and you will progressively find yourself breaking strings more often near the center of the string bed!


My strings broke at the top of the frame but I haven’t mishit. Why?

Bad string breaks always have a reason. Other than mishitting it can be due to poor stringing, lower quality stringing machine, excessive stress on the strings near the frame called shear breakage, weakened strings from prolonged play, teared grommets, debris inside the grommets RacketSpecialist will do what is necessary so it won’t happen to you again..

My strings broke at the knot on my freshly strung racquet. What caused that?

Exaggerated forces strangled the string at that point. More often it is a sign of poor stringing.

My strings break very fast. What can I do?

This is called premature breakage. It has several causes. Strings that are not appropriate for your game style, hybrids that don’t mix well and court surface. Poor stringing techniques play a major role in shortening string life as strings weaken before their time from friction burn.
We would be delighted to find the right solution for you.

I wasn’t breaking strings but lately it happens quite often. Can I do something?

String choice should follow your tennis progress. Today’s string market is very confusing with hundreds of different choices most of them not being tested properly and from knowledgable personnel.
At RacketSpecialist we wisely choose the proper setup for you that greatly enhances your game without sacrifying string life.

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