Shoulder pain can occur in tennis players because there are repeated stresses during tennis strokes, particularly the serve. In the shoulder frequent overuse of the Rotator Cuff muscles Inflammation of the shoulder muscles from repeating stresses during serve. Shoulder pain could be the sneakiest scenario in your tennis life. Don’t live with it! We can help you comfort your shoulder and keep playing!

What we need from you:

1) Follow the instructions on our Custom Gripping service to send us the measurements
2) Tell us what racquet you use and what is your service grip
3) Send us a 1 minute video of you serving
4) Evaluate the stringing quality if necessary


Why all of the sudden would I get this injury?

Shoulder trauma can even happen from one single swing. When lifting your racquet in the overhead motion rotator muscles are often not strong enough.

What can I do to prevent Shoulder inflamation?

Flexibility exercises, strength and endurance of the shoulder muscles but strictly under supervision is highly recommended.

­What should I do with my service motion?

Your rotator cuff muscles must gradually adapt to any increase in the number of serves.There are several coaching tricks that help achieving this.

­Should I change my racquet?

You could easily answer this question if you feel unpleasant swinging your racquet especially on the serve. We do delicate customization to a strategically selected racquet suitable for this situation so that you won’t loose too much from your groundstrokes.

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