Rattles from inside the frame, buzzing sounds and squeaking noises coming from your grip are always disturbing and annoying.
We eliminate them and help you concentrate on your game!


Where does this rattling come from?

Very often small particles inside the frame cause annoying sounds when tapping the frame or hitting the ball.

What could create that rattling?

Quite often small particles of the racquet breaking off and falling inside the frame make buzzing sounds. It could be chips of the inside of the frame, bits of grommet, granulated clay, broken foam and other things.

Where does the squeaking come from?

It comes from the handle of your racquet. Very often end caps become loose and create such noises.

Is squeaking a potential danger for my racquet integrity?

If you leave it happen too long it will eventually crack the part of the handle. Loose end caps create forces that are destructive for the integrity of the inside of the grip.

How can I get rid of them?

Small particles inside the frame are jailed between grommets or in the handle. At our workshop we implement various techniques to remove them and fix your loose end caps.

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