Your racquets are of the same brand and model but their specs may well not be the same. Our Racquet Matching service guarantees that all of your racquets in your bag will be identical.


How can 2 racquets of the same brand and model have different specs?

Racquet factories allow for tolerances in weight and balance as narrowing the number down to eliminate them would increase costs too much. So you should expect that there will be differences between your frames.

Are differences in weight and balance important?

It depends on where they are. A hidden factor called swingweight determines if those differences are noticeable or not.

I am not an advanced player. Why should I worry about racquet matching?

The better the player the easiest is to feel even small inconsistencies between frames. Nevertheless on a regular basis we deal with lower level players that can easily tell whether one of their frames feels lighter or heavier. Why not you?

What if my racquets are not identical?

Racquets that have different specs feel and play differently.

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