Does your racquet feel “empty” and sounds weird whenever you hit the ball?
We are here to introduce to you and to your racquet the biggest sweetspot ever!
So big both you and your racquet gonna love it!


What is the sweetspot?

Every racquet has a certain area that responds better on ball impact.
The quality of that depends on the quality of the stringing.

How do I know if the stringing helps the sweetspot?

Proper stringing techniques are tied up with how well your racquet acts on ball impact. We go one step further from that by applying custom stringing techniques that reward you with the greatest sweetspot your racquet can have.

My racquet has a metallic sound. What does this mean?

Most of the time metallic or ping noises is related to poor stringing. Creating a generous sweetspot means a deep rich “thud” noise and an impressive ball feel during impact.

head-racket_sweetspot - 800
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