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We Bring Life To Your Racquet!

Our custom stringing service is based on spherical knowledge in two important areas in the game. Our superior craftsmanship delivers a racquet feel you never experienced before!

By blending two decades of successful career in Pro Tour stringing and in High Performance tennis coaching, we are passionate to find the best solution for your racquet.


Our custom stringing process:
  1. First we evaluate current stringing even if strings are broken after we cut strings out
  2. Inspect the frame for rattles and squeaks
  3. Clean the frame using specialized solution
  4. Refresh the cosmetics and bumperguard and cure scratches and broken grommets
  5. Selected strings are installed using RacketSpecialist’s custom stringing techniques


  • We check the racquet grip for inconsistencies or signs of wearing off and cure them
  • We take measurements, insert data on our specially made database and print racquet sticker
  • We stencil the strings
  • We deliver the racquet in polybag to keep its freshness until the moment you will use it
  • We ship the racquet to you the soonest possible with our courier service. Your racquet is under full warranty


How often should I restring my racquet?

We can’t think of a more frequent question when it comes to strings. Keep that in mind: a synthetic string looses its feel after about 37-40 hours of play. The rule of thumb is: restring as often per year as the times you play per week. And this should be the minimum.

Does temperature affect my string’s performance?

Temperature variations have a major impact on how your racquet’s strings feel. Using a specialized database and our expertise we have full control on how and when your racquet should be restrung for different conditions. Leave it to us.

Is it the machine or the stringer?

Definitely it is the stringer. Stringing is a craft and human skills is the decisive factor. Our stringing machines are among the best in the market but never believe that you get a quality string job with a low experienced stringer. As a matter of fact we can string equally well on a drop weight and on our high end electronic stringing machines.

What is the definition of a good string job?

A perfectly strung racquet delivers a deep thud noise upon impact. It has a well defined sweetspot that helps you understand whenever you hit “in the zone”. Easily moving strings or strings with no absolute geometry show that stringing wasn’t as good as it could be. Poor stringing magnifies a racquet’s weak points.

What is more important the racquet or the stringing?

People often spend a fortune on buying the most expensive racquet but then give little attention on how good is the stringing service. Strings are the engine of the racquet and the stringer is the engineer behind them. Look at the engineers in a Formula1. Now you got the meaning! The better the engine and the engineer the better your racquet will perform. No need to tell you that a lower end racquet will perform a lot better than an expensive one if strung properly. And our mission is exactly that: To take the best out of your racquet, so that it fulfills your expectations.

Stringing Expert

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