Correct grip is often overlooked but it means a lot to your game.
At our workshop we work on perfecting your grip size, shape and feel to become friends with your palm!


Why is the grip of the racquet so important?

The grip is the chain between your racquet and you. It has to be a natural continuity between your racquet and your palm.

What happens if my racquet grip is too small?

Compere your racquet to a screwdriver with a small grip trying to unscrew a rusty screw. It will harm your forearm.

Can I play better with a small grip?

It is a fallacy that a small grip will give you more snap. A grip that is too small actually forces your muscles to squeeze more to keep the racquet steady. Stiff muscles mean loss of feel and tiring them too much may lead to injuries.

What happens if my racquet grip is too big?

Too big of a grip prevents you from doing delicate shots. There are occasions that a grip that is too big creates injuries.

Is the way of wrapping the grip important?

Bad or poor installation of grips and overgrips prevent you from finding the correct way to hold and swing your racquet. It may also create blisters to your palm.

How can you help me with my grip?

We can enlarge, reduce or change the feel of your grip. We take accurate measurements of your palm and customize your grip so that it sits perfectly.

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