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We provide you with the Ultimate Solution

A factory racquet can perfectly fit only a limited range of its owners. We offer that perfection to the rest of you.
Get customized to increase your racquet performance and compliment your own game style.

Our customization craftsmanship:
  • We use state-of-the-art racquet diagnostic equipment and tools to list accurate specs from you racquet
  • We analyze your technique from a short video being sent to us or from an on-court assessment
  • We compare and evaluate results in our highly sophisticated database
  • We face your problem from a pro tour technician’s view
  • We also analyze it from a high performance coach’s view


Key areas we work on:
  • Weight
  • Balance
  • Swingweight
  • Racquet Matching
  • Increasing grip size and/or butt cap
  • Decreasing grip size and/or butt cap even at 1/16’’ increments
  • Change grip shape
  • Change grip feel
  • Racquet refurbishing
Years of Stringing
Grand Slams we strung at
Total Pro events we strung at
Most racquets strung non-stop
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Should I customize my racquet?

Customizing your racquet is the next step to progressing on your game. Adding just a few grams can drastically change the way it performs for you. Our research reveals that even at the same weight, balance and swingweight a 300 gram customized racquet is a far better performer compared to a 300 gram factory specs racquet. Weight strategically positioned in key areas create a much.

Can I add weights to change attributes myself?

Customization is an extremely delicate process. Why? Racquets have various stiffnesses along the frame, different geometry and shape, varying mix of materials, non proportional in-plane-stiffnesses, polarized or de-polarized effects and ultimately different feel. These factors together with weight, balance and swingweight (weight distribution), also known as inertia are critical on, whether, how much and in what way a frame should be customized. Adding to them your playing skills, your game style and biomechanics, your power and stamina and you can see the complexity behind them. Our advice: Don’t Do It At Home!

How can I get my racquets properly customized?

The success of the final result requires a lot of experience in many aspects of the game. Specialized equipment, tools and skills are essential in delivering a racquet that you will love to play with. We are globally acknowledged as one of the few pro customization workshops.

What happens if my racquet is improperly modified?

The effects of customization drastically change the performance of your racquet. There are hundreds of possible combinations to choose from. Get it wrong and you will magnify “hidden” weak points on your racquet that may have all kinds of negative side effects. That includes inability for certain strokes, poor game performance and increased possibility of injuries.


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